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If you’re looking for social recruitment tips, insight and expertise on all things Gen Z, then look no further. Our eBooks provide thorough, market leading and up to date insight into the Gen Z recruitment marketing space.

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Attracting Gen Z on Social

So you’ve heard about Gen Z, you might have read a report or overheard someone in the office mentioning them but as a recruiter, you have no idea who they really are and how to get started attracting them. Fear not, this short guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Gen Z and how to attract and engage with them on social.

  • Find out how to get their attention on social
  • How to leverage social to attract them
  • Gain an exclusive insight into Gen Z culture
  • The importance of video in storytelling
  • Examples of types of content to create
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Your Guide to Nano Influencers

In today’s world of content marketing, you create your best content to educate, inform, and persuade your audience. Each persona in your audience will react differently to the types of content you create. Nano influencers are individuals who have a small, but loyal and highly engaged social community. How can you leverage these niche, well-connected communities as part of your Gen Z recruitment marketing campaign?

  • Understanding who and why they're effective
  • How to find and work with nano influencers
  • Utilising nano influencers in your strategy
  • Effective management and quality checking
  • How to ensure KPI's are met and results delivered
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