Running social channels for one of the worlds leading consultancy firms.


Social Media Management

Running social channels for one of the worlds leading consultancy firms.

Campaign Objective

Newton Europe don’t shy away from new or complex challenges and 2020 is no exception. In spite of the uncertainty this year, they wanted to use their voice to share the growth of the graduate positions available and highlight that the recruitment process, is very much still on. The shift from live assessment centres to virtual assessment centres is a change that needed to be communicated in a creative way to engage Gen Z on their terms. Our partners were active on Instagram but had not yet created a strategy with the Gen Z market in mind and this is where we come in.

What we did

We understand the needs of the early careers market and knew we had to tailor Newton’s content to become more value driven to support students and graduates alike throughout the milk round recruitment season. Breaking down the application process, assessment centres and final stage interviews, we were able to take the target audience on a journey from start to finish using animations, motion graphics and carousels to depict the key messaging in an interactive way. The value driven content combined with Newton specific content provided their ideal demographic with the breadth of knowledge they desire from a single Instagram feed – the results speak for themselves!



Our value driven content strategy improved Newton’s traction on Instagram significantly and created a consistent visual aesthetic recognisable by their newly engaged users.


Increase in Instagram Profile Visits


Increase in Website Clicks


Instagram Page Growth

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