Supporting a leading student employment provider to becoming relevant to Gen Z


Recruitment Marketing

Supporting a leading student employment provider to becoming relevant to Gen Z

Campaign Objective

SEO London, an organisation preparing talented students from ethnic minority or low socioeconomic backgrounds for career success were looking to bring their 3 flagship programmes to life and make them relevant to Gen Z. Having never produced creative content designed to attract Gen Z they were in need of a partner to help stay trendy and keep up with their target audience.

What we did

Using clever creative, we created three bespoke creatives which brought their four flagship programmes to life. Over the course of 3 months, our creative team captured their partner events, workshops, networking sessions and mentoring sessions culminating in the creation of 4 unique videos; SEO Connect, SEO School, SEO Connect and SEO London Overview video. We were aiming to increase the profile of their 3 flagship programmes and raise brand awareness across to their Gen Z audience and attract more students to apply.


SEO Schools Video

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We achieved great results across the board with the creative content receiving incredibly high feedback and approval from students. The creative content allowed SEO london to attract a new stream of talent during COVID-19 and stay relevant in a testing time.

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