Supporting one of the worlds largest professional services firm through COVID-19


Recruitment Marketing

Supporting one of the worlds largest professional services firm through COVID-19

Campaign Objective

Diversity & Inclusion is a key driver at EY and it’s central in how the business operates, but they were ready to shake things up and take this one step further to capture the attention of Gen Z in particular. Wanting to break the norms of Milkround activity and talent pipeline building, EY was keen to run a campaign that was more meaningful and would connect with black Gen Z students in particular. They understood the importance of black students and grads being represented within their business and they needed a strategic recruitment marketing event designed to deliver on this objective.

What we did

We began by conducting some Gen Z research to understand the key topics of interest to black students at the time of running the virtual event. We wanted to understand what the key drivers for the audience were and how we could develop a virtual event that addresses the audience’s current needs and interests. Post our research, the insights we received pointed to us opting to run with the title “How to stay motivated in lockdown”. The title worked well given we were in the middle of lockdown and young people wanted an event that would inspire them to take action at perhaps one of the lowest points in their lives. We also partnered with GPE to understand the current problems young black students face and therefore ensured any key speakers we featured were able to actively support our audience. We worked with 3 black influencers who had an engaged black student audience and invited them to speak as our keynote speakers. The event was structured to include EY speakers, influencers, a mentorship competition, breakout rooms, and a super-engaged Q&A which delivered on the client’s objectives successfully engaging with a black Gen Z audience.



The webinar was a huge success! 98.2% of attendees were aged 18-24 helping EY raise awareness of their brand and grad schemes amongst black undergrads. The event was driven by value-led content rather than a sales-heavy approach which is something our Gen Z audience appreciated.

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