Attracting female business students from diverse backgrounds via influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing

Attracting female business students from diverse backgrounds via influencer marketing

Campaign Objective

Having supported Newton Europe in building and growing their Instagram page (quadroubling their followings), we wanted to take things a little further and support them in engaging with diverse Gen Z audiences. We had developed a content strategy that prioritises value-centric content and placed the brand as a leading consultancy firm amongst Gen Z. But they wanted to do more! Growing a successful IG page was good but that wasn’t all they wanted to achieve, they wanted to attract female business students from diverse backgrounds.

What we did

We began with a deep dive into the business and consultancy industry to fill in the gaps in audience profiles from a recruitment perspective and used this to shape the influencer criteria. A multi-platform approach was adopted to broaden the reach and awareness to target relevant audiences all with the same key brand messaging. We touched base with our Newton cohort of influencers to discuss the pieces of value-driven content they enjoyed the most to ensure the content they were sharing with their audiences stayed true to their online brands. Authenticity and transparency were key here in ensuring the brand messaging and influencers were aligned. Through a combination of Reels, IG story takeovers, Feed posts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn posts, and bespoke IGTV sessions we were able to bring the Newton brand to life to a diverse Gen Z female audience.



Our work delivered phenomenal results, month on month Newton received over 15k organic reach amongst UK-based female grads interested in business and consulting. Our work also helped them to climb a few places on the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers and increased the number of black applicants to the business. Month by month we help them deliver the following results;


LinkedIn Interactions


Instagram Story Swipes


YouTube Views

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