How Capgemini’s student campaign got them a 17.3% CTR.


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How Capgemini’s student campaign got them a 17.3% CTR.

Campaign Objective

In the challenging graduate recruitment world, Capgemini, a forward thinking tech consultancy firm looked to attract students across the UK to their graduate consultancy positions. Our partners wanted to showcase the client facing nature of the role without visiting client site, convey the inclusive working culture, collaborative working environment and their overall fun/friendly workplace vibe. Prior to approaching Student Inspire Network, they had not previously run any social campaigns and our help was enlisted in supporting them navigate the often confusing world of social recruitment.

What we did

Needing a way to efficiently target the relevant audience, we deployed a handful of our student influencers with a strong student following and asked them to marketing campaign content to their respective student audience. Relying on familiar pop culture sentiments and relatable student norms such as vlogs, memes and fast cut scene editing styles, we were able to create and deliver a campaign that felt relatable and comfortable to the student demographic. We were able to convey the client facing nature of the role through a clever use of cut scenes, actors and carefully orchestrated motion graphics.


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Our strategy paid off, developing a student campaign that took the student demographic by storm and generated a resounding 17.3% CTR to their website over a two week campaign.


BAME Students Reached


Click-Through Rate


Students Reached

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